How long have you lived in NYC?
My 4 year old daughter, husband and I live in the Upper East Side in Manhattan. We moved here 18 months ago.

Why did you move here?
My husband had the opportunity to work on his PhD in NYC. We took it and so far it has been a wonderful experience for all three of us. The positive vibe and mix of cultures is really unique for NYC.



What is your favorite neighborhood and why?
Spoil me with a day out on the East River Ferry to Williamsburg. Shopping on Bedford Avenue and it’s surrounding streets. Enjoying a quiet lunch on the rooftop terrace of Julliettes’. Finding new espresso bars, gazing at the graffiti. It must be Williamsburg. But I also really love to go the Greenwich Village, Nolita, East Village and LES – Lower East Side. All these neighborhoods are cut out for slow walks. Every corner that you turn, can reveal another block with a whole different atmosphere. I really love it!

Favorite restaurants and why?
There’s a throve of restaurants in NYC. These restaurants I visit over and over again, because of the good food, the hip and cozy ambience: Snack Taverna (Greenwich Village), The Butcher’s Daughter (Nolita), Navy (West Village) and the patio of  Pardon My French (East Village).
 As a Belgian lady I really need to satisfy my craving for some nice fries and a a good Belgian stew every couple of months. My number one Belgian restaurant in NYC is B.Cafe in the Upper East Side.

Hidden gems. Insider tips you think people should know about?
I warmly recommend The Frick Collection to anyone who enjoys the arts. I really enjoy each and every single work they have on display in this private collection. On Sundays you can go in between 11 am and 1pm and decide what you want to contribute, instead of the $ 20 you normally pay.