Do you want your company to stand out in the crowd? Have your brand name out there, getting positive attention? Are you interested in having an impact that lasts? You might consider having your company name and slogan featured on Dutch quality bikes or cargo bikes that can ride the streets every day.

Rituals Cosmetics customized cargo bike on Columbus Ave, Manhattan

Rituals Cosmetics customized cargo bike on Columbus Ave, Manhattan

These beautiful, unique bicycles are equipped with real stopping power. Customized with your logo and slogan, they will attract even more positive reactions.

Some examples how you can make your customized bikes work for you:

Promotions: have your sales team hand out promotional flyers or product samples
Delivery: have your produce, coffee, books and other products delivered with your company’s cargo bike
Service: offer your hotel guests with comfortable bikes, while they are visiting most tourist hot spots they’ll communicate your brand name at the same time.
Campaigning: have your brand name out there exactly where your target audience lives, works and shops
Incentive: reward your sales staff with a customized bike if they reach their sales target, and keep your sales force fit at the same time.
Be original: just like Rituals Cosmetics, who sent customized bikes to 60 leading beauty editors, to invite them to their press event.

customized cargo bikes for marketing and pr purposes

Sampling Talenti gelati from a customized cargo bike in Brooklyn

Customized bikes do more than any add  can do. Online ads can be clicked away, newspapers are easily thrown out – that’s the end of your campaign. Not so with customized bikes. They’re here to stay and they keep adding to the positive experience of your brand. You’ll be surprised at the low cost of the actual investment.

Interested in a customized offer? Contact us info@rollingorangebikes.com or give us call 718 935 0695.

60 customized bikes for Rituals Cosmetics waited to be shipped out by Rolling Orange Bikes Brooklyn NY

60 customized bikes waited to be shipped out by Rolling Orange Bikes

VanMoof 3.7 for HUYS in NY, Rolling Orange Bikes Brooklyn NY

VanMoof 3.7 for the Dutch company HUYS in NY by Rolling Orange Bikes in Brooklyn