Angela van Willenswaard

How long have you lived in NYC?
I moved to New York City January 2015

When & why did yo move here? 

My husband and I always dreamed about living abroad. When he was offered a job opportunity from his Dutch employer we jumped at the occasion!

What is your favorite neighborhood, why?

My own neighborhood, the East Village. This is a real neighborhood, with always something going on with all it’s bars, espresso bars, restaurants and small privately owned shops. A really nice, happy and ‘cosy’ neighborhood, as we say in Dutch.

Favorite restaurant(s), why?
That’s a tough one! there are so many great restaurants around. My favorites are Tao, Spice Market in Meatpacking District and Graffiti in the East Village.

Hidden gems, insider tips you think people should know about.
New York has some bars from the heydays the so-called speakeasy
(they date back from the Prohibition when alcohol was illegal in the US). Some of those bars are hidden behind a hotdog restaurant (East Village), others are hidden behind a hair dresser (East Village, Alphabet City). It’s great fun to explore them!