I know what I’m needing, and I don’t want to waste more time. I’m in a New York State of Mind – Billy Joel

Central Park is not just a park. It’s a world in itself. With over 100 works of art and architecture, more than 35 lawns and landscapes, numerous film locations… where do you even begin to explore?

Let us help you discover this wonderful park by bike. We cherry picked the best venues for you to visit. Bike with us to the famous memorial site for John Lennon; Strawberry Fields, and The Boathouse.

Discover Central Park by bike

Discover Central Park by bike

Learn why the Bethesda Fountain is called the Angel of the Water, and find out the truth about the Friends Fountain. Discover what species live in the park, besides New Yorkers and tourists. Let our tour guides tell you what the actual function of the Reservoir was, and who lives in the famous San Remo buildings. Linger at the Bethesda Terrace enjoying live street performances, and try to catch a squirrel on your front wheel. We will even tell you why New Yorkers dislike the squirrels that you find so adorable!

Sheep Meadow where New Yorkers come to relax

Sheep Meadow where New Yorkers come to relax

Also, our tour guides don’t just know everything about the park, they can also tell you from their own experience what it means to be a New Yorker.

Come ride with us and discover all of Central Park and more:
Strawberry Fields
History of the park
Haarlem Meer
Dakota and San Remo buildings
Boat House
The Reservoir
Bethesda Terrace
The Lake
Museum Mile
Alice in Wonderland

and much, much more.

The Boathouse almost floating in the pond

The Boathouse almost floating in the pond

The Central Park Tour starts five days a week from the Upper West Side at 10 am. 
Groups size never exceeds 12 persons, so that we have personal attention for all our guests.
Duration: 2 hrs 15 min.
Cost $ 55 per person, kids under 12 year $ 45. This is excl. 8,875% state tax.

Are you biking with your kids? We have child seats for toddlers up to 45 lbs or 20 kilos and children’s bikes available.

Our licensed tour guides speak Dutch and English.


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Rolling Orange Bike Tours is a proud sponsor of the Central Park Conservancy.

Bethesda Terrace