How long have you lived in NYC?
I live near New York City since July 2015, in Westchester County. It’s a true American suburbia, about half an hour from Grand Central. In 2004-2005 I have lived with my family in Connecticut that’s about an hour by train from Grand Central. During that period we already got to know the city reasonably well.                                                                                                                            Christien Kuiper

When/Why did you move here?
I moved to NY with my husband Marc and my children Nina (12) and Max (16). We moved
after my husband accepted a position in White Plains, NY.  I took this opportunity to get to know the city better, as NYC is a really fascinating city in a lot of different ways; we love exploring it whenever we can!

What is your favorite neighborhood and why?
Williamsburg. It is a bit of a small town version of Manhattan, a walkable neighborhood, with nice restaurants and shops. It has a perfect waterfront at the East River State Park that has the best views of Manhattan. There are also various bridges it’s next to the East River.

Favorite restaurants
I love Sweetwater in Williamsburg, a small cozy restaurant with a garden!
I like Butcher’s Daughter for vegetarian/vegan food; it tastes just great and it has a very cool atmosphere, while Balthazar (also) in SOHO has a great French atmosphere.
I also like the many restaurants of the Belgian chain Le Pain Quotidien, with sourdough bread and healthy soups and salads, the pastries and coffee are great as well; you can find them all over Manhattan.

Hidden gems
I love to take the East River ferry from East River State Park in Williamsburg back to Manhattan or from Brooklyn Heights to Williamsburg; you get the best views and can enjoy the beautiful skyline of the city.