How long have you lived in NYC?
I’ve lived in New York 31 years.Daniel Schorr

When & why did yo move here? 
I moved here in 1985 because I wanted to live in America’s greatest city.  As the Frank Sinatra song says, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” But why would you want to make it anywhere else to begin with? This is a question I’ve always asked myself.

What is your favorite neighborhood, why?

I have two favorite neighborhoods: Red Hook in Brooklyn and the Upper West Side. In Red Hook, I love the Salvadoran food trucks, the Mexican Soccer games, and walking along the water and looking out at New York Harbor.  I love the Upper West Side’s gentility and its wonderful destinations: the original Fairway, the Natural History Museum, and Central Park.

Favorite restaurant(s), why?
My favorite restaurant is Roman’s in Fort Greene, which is owned by the same group that runs the better-known Marlowe and Daughters. My new (for me) discovery is Bamonte’s in Williamsburg: old-school Italian done the right way.