How to use your Dutch bike? Tips and tricks

Dutch bikes are equipped with great features, that sometimes leave their new owners puzzled. It’s not that hard, really. Find some tips below how to operate your bike and you’ll love your bike even more than before. Can not find the tip you were looking for? Please contact us, we’re happy to help

Ring lock
Like most Dutch bikes, your bike is equipped with a so-called ‘ring lock’ that protects your rear wheel. Simply lock it if you have to make a quick errand and don’t want to chain lock it to a bike post. How to operate this ring lock? A few simple tips.

To lock your bike:

  • You have two keys, store one in a safe place in case you lose the first key.
  • The key stays in the lock while you ride your bike.
  •  To lock it: flip the key back gently. Now you can slide the lever down on the other side that locks the wheel. Tip: A spoke can get in your way, just turn the wheel an inch so that the lever can pass it.
  • If the lock is closed, the key flips back to it’s original position and you can pull it out gently.

To unlock your bike:

  • Just put the key into the lock and flip the key back until the lever comes up. Sometimes you have to help the lever a little bit.

Important! Don’t use any force to lock or unlock, it might weaken your key. 


After a couple of months your lock loves some some grease (vaseline or oil, not WD4) to keep it operating smoothly. Your bike shop can also do this for you.

Lights powered by a dynamo
If your bike is equipped with a dynamo that operates front and tail lights, you’ll enjoy free and renewable energy. The bottle dynamo is a small generator which runs off the sidewall of the tire to power the front and rear lights. They work by using a roller at the top (like the lid of the bottle) which is spun by the turning wheel when it is placed against the tirewall. If the bicycle stops then the dynamo ceases to provide power to the lights.

After some time, your tires need some extra air to ensure your smooth ride. When you purchased your Dutch bike at Rolling Orange, we gave you a free adapter for the valve. The Dutch valves are different from American ones. If you use this valve, you can pump up your tires with all American bike pumps. You can also ask us or any bike shop for a universal bike pump. Most bike shops offer free air to pump up your tires.

Handle bar and saddle
We can adjust the height or tilt of your saddle and handle bars to your needs.

Coaster brakes
Your bike can be equipped with hand brakes, sometimes in combination with coaster brakes. Some of our bikes are equipped with a coaster brake or a back pedal only, still the most popular braking system in The Netherlands. Just pedal back if you want to brake.

In general
Your bike needs a little love every year. Bring it in for a tune up at least once, preferable two times a year: before the winter season starts and in the spring if you continued to ride through winter.