How long have you lived in NYC?Froukje
Since August 2016.
When / why did you move here ?
I moved here from Hong Kong, my home for three years. My husband works for a Dutch
company and because of his work we now live in New York.
What is your favorite neighborhood, why?
Central park, because it’s close to my house and has so much to offer. You can run, play,
eat, bike and watch all kind of people there. For kids there are many nice playgrounds
and my kids learned to bike there. Also Chinatown is one of my favorite neighborhoods,
because it reminds me of Hong Kong and the food is delicious there. I love the Upper
East, it’s my home and a small town of it’s own with a big variety of good restaurants and
a diversity of people.
Favorite restaurant(s), why?
Uva in the Upper east, the (Italian) food is delicious and the interior warm and cosy. I also
like Balthazar on Spring street, I used to go there when I was visiting New York in the
past, good French food in a nice atmosphere. Also try a Diner, real American food. Big
affordable meals if you have a lot of appetite.
Hidden gems, insider tips you think people should know about.
Not a hidden gem but I think everyone should discover New York by bike. It’s easy to
bike around Manhattan, also Queens and Brooklyn. You see so much more of the city. I
love being outside instead of taking the metro or go by taxi. Also walking is a good way to
discover the city and easy to find your way.