In a New York minute, everything can change – Don Henly

Brooklyn is bustling with activity. New small businesses, art galleries and restaurants opening everywhere, more and more artists, families and hipsters working and living in Brooklyn. And Manhattan! Manhattan is just as fabulous and famous as it always has been and always will be.

Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges view from Dumbo

Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges view from Dumbo

No need to make choices here. Come ride with us in the two most admired boroughs of New York City and see them both in one go. Bike with us to Red Hook in Brooklyn. Discover a part of town that is closer to a village you might expect sooner in the Mid-West than in New York City. Experience unexpected views on Lady Liberty and Governors and Staten Islands. Ride with us through the recently developed Brooklyn Bridge Park. Admire the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges from DUMBO – Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass – and then conquer these bridges by bike!


Roll through movie scenic China Town

Ride into lower Manhattan and into the hustle and bustle of Chinatown! You’ll hear everything about this famous and notorious neighborhood and it’s ‘thongs’ or actually gangs. We’ll also ride along the United District Court. Get to know where all movies with a court in it have been filmed. The fun doesn’t end there. Coming back from Manhattan you’ll pay a visit to the incredibly beautiful neighborhood Brooklyn Heights and you’ll catch your breath at the promenade that offers breath taking views on the Financial District.

Enjoy Brooklyn and Manhattan by bike, and see and learn more than you could ever do by foot or tourist bus.

Tour highlights
Red Hook
Brooklyn Bridge Park
DUMBO – Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass
Manhattan Bridge
United States District Court
Brooklyn Bridge

Our licensed tour guides know where to take you and have plenty of information to share with you along the route. However, if you have more questions, don’t be shy to ask them. They’ll love to share their knowledge with you.

Biking in beautiful historic Brooklyn

Biking in beautiful historic Brooklyn

The Tour starts
several days a week 561 Clinton Street in Brooklyn
Start: 10 am.
Duration: 3 hours.
Cost $ 69 per person, kids under 12 $ 55. This is excl. 8.875% state tax.

The Tour is open for kids starting age 12. Helmets are required by law for all kids under and 14 years old.

Our licensed tour guides speak Dutch and English.

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