Why did you move here?
For my husbands job we moved to New York City. He works upstate, but we choose to live in Manhattan, because we loved to live a real New York city life.
Besides working as a bike tour guide, I am working as a Dutch teacher in New Jersey and in New York.
What is your favorite neighborhood, why?
My favorite neighborhood is Upper West Side. That is where we live. We live near the spot where Broadway and Columbus intersect and where we can enjoy the best of what these two streets have to offer. There are a lot of restaurants and shops and there is a good atmosphere. I also like Chelsea very much, because of the building structures over there and because I really like the High Line Park and the Chelsea Market.
Favorite restaurant(s), why?
I love eating at the Chelsea Market. You can choose from many different kitchens to eat and the location, an old cookie fabric, is amazing. Besides the Chelsea Market I like the Meatball shop very much. The icecream scoops which you can have for desert have the size of a giant meatball!
Hidden gems, insider tips you think people should know about.
Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedom Park on Roosevelt Island is a nice park to visit. I gives you a good view at Manhattan and you can take a cable tram, just using your metrocard, to come there. In April there is a week that the cherry trees have their blossom, which is beautiful.