Shelly on his beloved recumbent bike

Shelly on his beloved recumbent bike

How long have you lived in NYC
Since 1954! I left a couple of times though. I lived in San Diago, Southern California. Not for me. It felt like I lived in my car!

What is your favorite neighborhood?
Greenwich Village..its just a nice peaceful community in spite of the busy surroundings and because of all the Music and Art and street performers in Washington Square Park.There are also great locally owned shops and many types of food from all over the world can be found on MacDougal St.

Favorite restaurant(s), why?
Two Boots Pizza!!!!..Because it tastes good!!

Hidden gems, insider tips you think people should know about.
Little Red Lighthouse at end of bikeway, South Beach in Staten Island, Fairway Cafe overlooking New York Bay in Red Hook